The Bridge

The Kucyaruseke site is located at the southern end of Rwanda, not far from the border with neighbouring Burundi. It is south west of Butare, near a township called Munini.


(Picture from Google Maps)

The existing crossing is shown below – a structure made from tree logs laid across the river.

pic c

Image courtesy of B2P

The new bridge will be a big improvement. An added clearance of 9m above the current crossing will be provided to alleviate the risk of flood damage.


The key properties of the the new crossing design are:

  1. Class:   Suspended Pedestrian Bridge
  2. Span:   80 m
  3. Clearance above old crossing:   9 m
  4. Materials: Timber, Steel, Concrete, Steel Cables
  5. Population served:  3,000+

An elevation drawing of the bridge is shown below:

Bridge elev