A Bridge for the next generation

We had lots of support from the community when building the bridge, but it wasn’t just the adults that wanted to be involved in the Kucyaruseke Bridge!

For obvious reasons the children couldn’t help us build the bridge, but we felt like they were our biggest supporters on and off site. To show our appreciation for their support, we had a fun colouring session with the children where they got to show off their artistic talent!

Hands up if you want to be an engineer when you grow up!

The team visited Groupe Scholaire de Munini to talk through the steps of building a bridge with the students.

Many of the students were engaged and excited about the Kucyaruseke Bridge, asking questions and wanting know what steps they would need to take to become an engineer.

Hopefully we’ve inspired the next generation of civil engineers.

Update from Rwanda

The bridge build has been progressing at a great pace – the bridge deck was almost finished by the start of week 2. The 80m span crossing will soon allow the Munini community to cross the Akanyaru river safely. It’s already attracting a lot of attention from the locals who are looking forward to seeing the completed bridge in all its glory.

Day 4 – the hard work is paying off!

Day 4 welcomed us with a spectacular sea of clouds. As if we didn’t know it already, Rwanda showed us just how beautiful it really is this morning.

Blessed with more good weather and a really solid team performance, we started decking today. The left abutment is nearing completion, and he crossbeams are all assembled and ready for final installation.

Claude, Damascene 1, Damascene 2, Francois, Dauphine, Marie-Rose, Jean Claude, Vincent, Augustine, Dennis and all the other locals on site today were so good again – it’s a pleasure working with them.

Vlad is convinced that if the team keeps working at this rate, we’ll all be eating ice cream on Tuesday!! Let’s see if we can keep the rain away and our progress keeps going at this fantastic rate and hopefully make his premonition come true – we love ice cream!!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

On we go. Allez allez!

Mwaramutse (good morning) from Kucyaruseke Bridge! – Day 3

Day 3 on site and you can begin to imagine what this bridge will look like.

Our first full day without rain(!), and another day of amazing strength and energy from the community. Everyone has been very welcoming and enthusiastic about the build and they’ve been coming to show us their appreciation. Many thanks to the local community who give their hands and hearts to the project.

Kucyaruseke Bridge is taking shape! All cables have been adjusted, the first crossbeams have been installed, wood is being cut and treated, fabrication is going steadily and one abutment is backfilled. Phew!

Not only that, but we found out just how well used the current crossing is. Young and old, humans and goats, from one side to the other they went.

It’s only one bridge. But for the people here, this bridge will make a massive difference to their daily lives.

We appreciate the support of our family and friends back home – thank you everyone.

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Day 2

Day 2 started well.

The locals are strong! They’ve definitely put us and our desk jobs to shame in many ways. But thanks to their energy and attitude we are making good progress… Bridge cables almost in position and fabrication teams running well.

The rain and thunder decided to show up today. Took out most of the afternoon. Downpour. An unpredictable but not unexpected challenge.

On we go!

3. day 2
Waiting out the storm…