Kucyaruseke Bridge 2018

Day 4 – the hard work is paying off!


Day 4 welcomed us with a spectacular sea of clouds. As if we didn’t know it already, Rwanda showed us just how beautiful it really is this morning.

Blessed with more good weather and a really solid team performance, we started decking today. The left abutment is nearing completion, and he crossbeams are all assembled and ready for final installation.

Claude, Damascene 1, Damascene 2, Francois, Dauphine, Marie-Rose, Jean Claude, Vincent, Augustine, Dennis and all the other locals on site today were so good again – it’s a pleasure working with them.

Vlad is convinced that if the team keeps working at this rate, we’ll all be eating ice cream on Tuesday!! Let’s see if we can keep the rain away and our progress keeps going at this fantastic rate and hopefully make his premonition come true – we love ice cream!!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

On we go. Allez allez!