Cryptocurrency donations now accepted!

Balint Penzes, an engineer with COWI UK has kindly helped set up two wallets specifically for cryptocurrency donations toward the Kucyaruseke project.

He has posted an article summarizing the basics of this. I would recommend giving it a read.

If you are keen to help us in this way the the two wallets are:

Cryptocurrency addresses:

  • ETH*: 0x88bF140b1EAD30d439aC040bB96F8536c70e4Ec0
  • BTC: 112phz5dCvK3Gx1e4bzvURcJAtLzodZ5iu

*Together with any tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

The approach does require an element of trust, as we at some point will need to exchange the cyptocurrency for a fiat currency and transfer the funds to B2P. records of all transactions to and from the wallets are publicly visible, and we will provide evidence of transactions beyond it.

If this feels a little too far out to you but you would still like to donate, please use the conventional donation page in the tab above.


Everything helps!


Picture of a community gathering near the bridge site (courtesy of B2P)

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