Freyssinet on board!

F_logV_CQOur team of 10 is finally complete! Our Freyssinet colleagues were announced during the week. They bring a very strong set of skills from a variety of locations.

The 5 to join the project team, selected from more than 60 applicants across 20 countries, are:

Marc GonthierConstruction Lead

Marc is a very experienced project manager in the erection of cable structures. Marc has been based in Togo, and will be taking on the role of the construction lead on the Kucyaruseke build.

Pedro Lozano – Safety Lead

Pedro is a director of quality from Freyssinet’s Spanish operations. Pedro will be  the safety lead for the build.

Michal Ambor

Michal is a structural engineer in Freyssinet’s technical team based in the Paris office.

Marlene Lotte

Marlene is a Commercial Repairs engineer based in France and joined Freyssinet in 2010 as an apprentice.

Nicola Pucellini

Nicola is a bridge site manager with Freyssinet in Hong Kong.

We must overcome the challenges of working remotely as we plan our trip, but we are all determined to do our best. We will be excited to meet properly in Rwanda.

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